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We are a multi-faith chaplaincy service

operating across the UK. We are

looking to build our operations in line

with our ethics and principles...

We are looking for people who have a passion and the energy to make a difference, and a belief that we can effect a change in people’s lives.  You would be a crucial part of a committed team of volunteers, who work with integrity and dedication. We offer support and service to each other and all those who approach us, without prejudice, and in confidence.   You may be asked to work with a person of a different faith or none, or a person just starting out on their personal journey of discovery.

We will work with other faith groups and religions who will offer Community Chaplains so that ex-offenders can be partnered with a person of their own faith who seeks support.  

To achieve our aims, initial and ongoing train will be given, so that our community has a network that can sign post, support, service, and advice.  We are committed to providing a national network of coordinators and volunteers, working through local and regional teams as Volunteer Community Chaplains.  

Mentoring requires a commitment to the client of providing help both on a practical and spiritual level, a listening ear and moral support.  Confidentiality will be a key issue and Janus aims to provide you with free full training, initial supervision and on-going support from more experienced members of the multi faith team.   Initially you will be asked to meet up with those seeking release as a visitor to your local prison, creating a familiar face that will meet and greet them once “through the gate”.  The amount of contact will vary according to need and will last as long as necessary for them to settle in the community.  
You will be working alongside other organisations such as the Offender Management, resettlement teams and Probationary Services and other faith groups or Religions who will also be points of contact, so commitment and good communication skills are key requisites.

We have just been accepted as a start-up organisation in East Anglia, under the Community Chaplaincy Association, a multi-faith umbrella, who will provide us with the expertise and training to be an effective charitable company in our own right.  We envisage that 2014 will be a learning curve and training year for all of us, with meetings and organisational reviews happening right through to the autumn.  Training seminars will be held later when we have an idea of numbers and locations of volunteers.