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Yoga is an excellent way for both Mentor and Mentee to learn together side by side, both giving and receiving encouragement. With the pressures of to-days life-style more and more people are turning to yoga as a way to unwind and deal with the growing stresses and strains of daily living.  
Yoga is an ancient tradition that originated from India 5000 years ago. By making it a part of your daily routine you’ll in time become aware of subtle changes in your approach to life and with regular practice you’ll start to notice a feeling of inner peace and a deeper awareness of everything around you.
During a routine day we tend to use the same movements over and over again, which means certain muscle groups become neglected. Yoga encourages all muscle groups to re-awaken allowing energy blockages to be released and flow more freely through the body.
Yoga is a gentle non-competitive exercise that is suitable for everyone regardless of age and ability.
Yoga’s unique approach to uniting body and mind means that through progress your body can become fitter, stronger, toned and flexible whilst the ability to control your mind leads to improved sleep, deeper concentration, mental clarity, peace of mind and relaxation.
Get and stay in shape by awaking your body to the power of YOGA. Develop balance and co-ordination, renew, invigorate and heal your mind and body by stretching and toning muscles and joints as you learn traditional movements like Salute to the Sun, Moon and Earth.



All you need for mediation is your body, your mind and your breath.

How often have you said to yourself “I've had enough”, “I can't take any more”, “Just give me a break” and you've struggled to find the peace and quiet you need to get your thoughts together, or the strength to carry on.

Think back to the last time you had a break. Can you remember how you felt? Did you return feeling relaxed and recharged?

Meditation is like taking a short holiday where you can unwind, release tension and anxiety and feel totally refreshed. It gives you the opportunity to be still, calm and in control.

When you pause to listen to birds sing, watch waves lapping against the shore or just sit in silence, you are within those moments meditating.
Meditation means awareness. Awareness of the here and now, as when your mind is completely free from distraction it is fulfilled in the moment. You can meditate whilst you’re walking, sitting or lying down. It might take a while to learn how to shift all the thoughts from your head, but with practice it is achievable and you'll soon find that 5 minutes of meditation feels as great as a good night’s sleep.
Meditating on a regular basis has many health benefits. Hopefully you'll discover you're able to cope with stress better, sleep can improve, you're happier within yourself, and hopefully you'll find you will have more control over your life.

Meditation unites the mind, body and spirit. It quiets your body and brings closure to your thoughts so you can start afresh with renewed energy.