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Working with individuals inside the prison system before they are due for release, resettlement teams aim to meet path ways of need.  This may be housing, education, work, social support or simply help with getting to appointments, writing a CV or other practicalities that have been identified.  Our Mentors will help them compile a list of useful contacts, hoping that these bridges and pathways lead away from the prison system, and into crime free lives.  
Entering into the prison system can cause shock and distress; however the outside world for some can also be seen as a hostile environment, where the continued punishment for their crime is exile, from their homes and or family. Janus is comprised of a dedicated and committed team of Chaplains, Teachers, Counsellors, Trainers and other Professionals, through which we would like to provide self- help workshops and programmes, based on meditation, relaxation, reduction of anxiety and stress and help to deal with unresolved anger issues.  Not only would we like to see these men and women settled in their own communities, but through our close ties with other organisations and charities we intend to act guides, sign posting those who may need more specialised help that we cannot provide.