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We are a multi-faith chaplaincy service

operating across the UK. We are

looking to build our operations in line

with our ethics and principles...

Janus is a team of multifaith volunteers that has been set up as a charitable organisation, giving continuity of care from inside the prison system to the outside community.  
The multifaith approach used by chaplaincy teams working within the prison estate have become the flagship of multifaith collaboration, it provides a platform whereby men and women from all cultural backgrounds can come together in a safe environment.  With help and support from many spiritual traditions they can practice their chosen faith free from judgement or prejudice.  
As a start-up project in East Anglia under the Community Chaplaincy Association, Janus will strive to provide Mentors and befrienders from different faith communities.  Using the expertise of our team gained within prison and a holistic approach, we will create a network of support, reintegrating those in our care, helping create a sense of belonging.